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特別エントリー  作品名:Geno Exile Gatling Guns
製作者:Samed Said

※昨年のライガーゼロ・コレクティングでもご投稿いただいた海外のゾイドファン、Samed Saidさんからガトコンへ投稿をいただきました。

作品名 Geno Exile
製作者 Samed Said Gatling Guns
テクニカルデータ Basic Frame - Geno Breaker
Organoid - none
Speed - 457 mph (top speed) 509 mph
armor - rating 8 ( my customs armors are determined by its density so i use a rating scale which goes from 1 being poor to 10 as the thickest)
Head unit - twin 'Python' rapid fire machine guns or double single fire for better accuracy and range.
Exile Particle Cannon - the main weapon which has been heavily modified to hurt the enemy.
Main Back weapons - 2 x Exile Fort Cannons 150mm for high explosive damage with a huge blast radius.
Tail Weapon - this sniper weapon got so many names T-Sniper, Exile's Third , One Shot Kill, Desolation Sniper, and The Feared One.
Arm Weapon - Twin "Vector" wrist wielding machine guns designed for high fire rate shredding power.
Under Weapon - Sawed- off double barrel shot gun made for armor shattering action. Close quarter use.
Missile Pods x 5 - 2 on shoulder, 2 on Hip and 1 center top.
Cluster Boosters - located on lower leg for achieving maximum speed.
Radar - designed to pick up sounds, heat source, determine enemy's armor thickness, range of target, speed of target, enemy intel, 3D reading, and see through up to 7 feet of wall.
Side defense - without any frontal or output shield, Geno Exile's greatest weakness is the lack of shields. However, like a shield, the Geno comes with a pair of magnetic absorbing field like generator located on the hip area that will absorb missiles and any fire type weapons.
Foot locks - same as the original Geno Breaker
Optional attachments - While Exile is a permanent integrated armor system there are optional adapters for more attachments in the future.
Exile Mode - not much is known about this mode but we've learned that the Geno Breaker still living inside goes into an outrage mode temporarily increasing attack power when engaging a target such as a Berzerk Fury.