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エントリー№33 Valiant Avian
製作者:Samed Said 
作品名 Valiant Avian
製作者 Samed Said 
Configuration Type: Eagle

Purpose: Aerial Assault

Pilot Name : Rayse Winheart (not me,LOL)

Capabilities: As eyes in the sky and true valiance, the zoid is capable of grappling and shredding zoids twice its size in both mid-air and land.
Story When the Spectrum Forces took their first defeat, they realized that the enemy's true strength came from their Aerial Units which bombarded Spectrum's main Development base. Looking back at all the units created by Spectrum, their next zoid was definitely that of an Aerial type. On the search for resources, a group of excavators found the remains of a fallen JetFalcon unit with no core. While a group of Archaeologist came across badly hurt Buster Eagle capturing it returning to their temporary home called "Silent Skies". There a combined selection of great engineers and developers were able to permanently fuse both the remains of the Jetfalcon and the damaged Buster Eagle creating a whole new Zoid called Valiant Avian. Finding a pilot was one task but getting the zoid to fly for the first time was no easy mission. Stubborn as the Buster Eagle but with courage of the Jetfalcon, a miracle happened when a special selected pilot went into the cockpit activating it as its new rightful owner.
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